2023 Spring Q1 & Q2: Shipping on Monday, March 13
Anthology Club
One bottle each:

2021 Roussanne, Stolpman Vineyard |  2020 Grenache, Santa Barbara County  |  2019 Syrah, Larner Vineyard

2021 Syrah, Santa Barbara County  |  2020 High Tide, Santa Barbara County  |  2019 Syrah, Thompson Vineyard

Reserve Syrah Club
Three bottles each:

2019 Syrah, Larner Vineyard

2019 Syrah, Thompson Vineyard

2023 Fall Q3 Q4: Shipping on Monday, October 30
Anthology Club
One bottle each:

2022 Viognier, Bien Nacido Vineyard  |  2021 Syrah, Donnachadh Vineyard  |  2020 Syrah, Bien Nacido Vineyard

2021 Petite Sirah, Thompson Vineyard  |  2021 Viognier, Late Harvest (375 ml), Bien Nacido Vineyard  |  2020 Syrah, Larner Vineyard

Reserve Syrah Club
Three bottles:

2020 Syrah, Bien Nacido Vineyard

Two bottles:

2020 Syrah, Larner Vineyard

One bottle:

2020 Syrah, Upslope, Santa Barbara County

Attention RED WINES ONLY members!

Substitution requests are easily processed immediately following receipt of the quarterly billing/ship notification.

If no request is made, a current vintage Santa Barbara County Syrah will be substituted for the white wine.